In my last post there were a few other points that i forgot to mention. The first one is, never be ashamed of how you are feeling because you are not alone. You have an illness, and like any other illness depression or any other mental health issue is not a choice. I see a lot of bullshit quotes on Facebook such as ‘Happiness is a choice,’ or ‘Depression is a choice.’ I get tired of seeing these new age, words of wisdom bullshit websites, but for some reason people seem to want to share them. A lot! is it any wonder that so many people feel too ashamed to admit to how they really feel when so much bullshit is shared all over social media. Another post i saw on Facebook had a picture of some tree’s and a pretty walking trail with a picture of an assortment of anti depressants under it. Basically the message was, going for a walk is a cure for depression while the tablets are just a life long addiction! This made me angry because many people need medication and to be shamed for it is one of the reasons many people go on to take their own lives. I have been for a few walks with my daughter and guess what? I still feel fucking depressed.
If walking makes you feel better, great, go for it.
If taking medication helps you then great. There is nothing wrong with that and you should never feel ashamed for it. no one even has to know you take medication if you don’t want them to because at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with anyone else.
If you need therapy and it works for you, great.
For some people they can have more than one illness at a time and again that is not your fault and do not feel ashamed. Only tell people what you want them to know because as i have already said, it is nothing to do with anyone else.
If you need therapy and medication go for it. This is your health and you deserve all the help you can get. Do not let anyone else decide for you that you have had enough therapy because there is no time limit and it can take a long time to find the right help that works for you.
Never let anyone fob you off either, i can not stress enough how important it is that it is not your fault or choice to suffer from these awful illnesses. It’s a shame that for some people it can take many years before you get an actual diagnosis. You are important and so is your health, and never take to heart some of the bullshit you see on Facebook, because to be honest, social media is not the greatest place to be when suffering from a mental health condition. It is to easy to compare your life to others and feel like a failure. It is also a bad place to be if you take to heart some of the crap that can appear on your news feed.
Always remember that you matter. you deserve to be listened to and you deserve help and respect. Your illness is NOT a choice and you are not weird and you are not a freak. it is time to crush the stigma once and for all.


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