scare tactics

One thing I fear more than anything along with millions of others is death . Ever since I was a kid it’s terrified me and I hate talking about it. I hate it when people say that once your dead that’s it, you’re dead and not coming back. So many take comfort from believing that they will see their loved ones again after their own death. It’s a comfort and belief that keeps a lot of people going. For a long time I felt that comforting belief was taken from me. Before I go any further I must say that my blogs are my own personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. My blogs are to help others and to explain how my depression has affected me and how I cope. It’s not a way of blaming anyone personally for my struggle and its not a personal attack on any one individual. But like I said for such a long time I have feared death. The fear of Armageddon and demons has come from the Jehovah’s witness religion. I personally believe the jw organization to be a cult and I’m not alone in this belief. For years I truly believed that I and billions of others were going to die at Armageddon. For years I was frightened by stories of demons. Like any other cult the Jehovah’s witnesses use scare tactics to fully control their members. The powerful mind control techniques can stay with a person for years and its hard to shake off those fears. It has been years since I last attended a meeting but I still have nightmares about Armageddon and demons and I still have that little nagging fear that Armageddon is still on its way. Every disaster film that comes to the cinema wakes up that fear again, needless to say I hate these disaster end of the world films. It’s a great shame because there are so many witnesses that really are good people and really do believe in their cause but they seem to be under complete control of the watch tower society. There is even a short cartoon for children more or less telling them to listen at the meetings or die at Armageddon. Sitting through a boring two hour meeting is hard work for anyone but for children near impossible ! I urge anyone who reads this blog to do their research and make up their own minds as this blog is my take on the matter.

Jws believe that only they will survive Armageddon. In their books and magazines it’s full of death and destruction while smiling jws walk towards the safety of a paradise on earth. They believe billions of people will die at Armageddon no matter how innocent or good they are simply because they are not jws. is God really that cruel and angry that he wants to see the brutal deaths of so many ? I simply cannot understand how jws look forward to a day that so many will be slaughtered, the word genocide springs to mind. To me feeding these stories of Armageddon to children and members is bullying, a form of abuse. As a child you believe anything so the images stay with you for a long time. The jw books and magazines are full of death and destruction and they seem to find this acceptable. It’s their ( the watch tower society ) of controlling their members. What better way of controlling someone than with fear ?

Jws think that everyone who isn’t a jw is worldly and controlled by Satan. Members are encouraged not to have friends outside the organisation, to take part in competitive sports, higher education or the military. According to them these are worldly activities that will lead them astray or Jehovah does not allow. I won’t go into all these subjects now as it will take to long so it’s best to tackle one subject at a time. along with the fear of Armageddon and demons there is also the fear of shunning, a cruel practice that has caused many to commit suicide. But I shall go into that subject in more detail another time.

For me I don’t really believe in Armageddon any more even though I still fear death but even if I did there is no way I could worship such a cruel, unforgiving and intolerant God. How can the death of billions be ok just for simply believing in something else ? Why is it ok to frighten children with stories of death, destruction and demons ? Most jws truly believe they are saving lives but they are under complete control of the watch tower society and they don’t even know it. This cult gets very rich off its brain washed members but this is another topic for another time.



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